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Opinion analysis of the major Spanish real estate.

The housing sector continues with a disastrous run of free fall. The top three listed companies Reyal Urbis, Martinsa Fadesa and Metrovacesa, exhibit similar views and a set of responses to the crisis as company policy to take.

obras de viviendas

The large property losses occur multimillionaires.

In view of Reyal Urbis, published in BusinessWeek, "In the first half has continued the downward trend in demand to be framed within an economic recession. That is, there are signs of improvement in home sales is more, the estimated time when virtually no questions the housing for sale. Too much real estate product will, depending on the area and stockage in each of them, has in a few years a huge demand or on the contrary a surplus of product bestial. At the moment there seems no solution to encourage demand.

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World Economic Situation before the crisis.

In the U.S. starts to recover the real estate market as home sales grew by almost 10%, ie, its fastest pace since 2005 and the inventory of homes fell to a 16 years mortgage and chained requests a second week of ups increasing 7.5% in the week ending August 21. That yes, this phenomenon was accompanied by a price decline of 11.5% yearly price of houses.

bolsa de pekin

The real estate market went up by 40% in early 2009

Meanwhile, Germany is recovering from its recession, the third quarter rising by 0.3% of net trade and consumption. It is seen that the halt in production is affecting the inventory of different products and reveals a desperate need to increase them and thus create new production.

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Upload the payment of pensions by 4.7%.

These days when we are bombarded everywhere telling us to exit the crisis is a key consumption and job creation, we know the news that the average pension is up 4.9% in August, reaching at 856.31 euros.


Pensions are increased by the Ministry of Labor.

This growth of 4.7% favoring all the different kinds of pensions, particularly for retirement, permanent disability, the viuedad, and for military orphans.

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The tax office state revenue increases.

This year the Spanish Tax Administration has set the goal of increasing controls by implementing the so-called Anti-Fraud Plan. By this measure, it is encouraging the search for resources through the accurate study of possible corporate tax offenses.


Finance is more effective and inrementa revenues by 27%.

Thus, it has been discovered that fraud has increased 9.5% over 2007, by or bulging has outperformed the expectations of the Agency.

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60% of the Spanish did not earn over 1,100 euros.

These are the figures of the Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha), which shows that 10.8 million workers are "mileruristas", ie, 57% of the employed population amounts to 18.9 million people.


The aumeto of such employees has been tremendous over 3 years.

In Spain, according to the statistics of personal income tax, there are 27.94 million people who receive some form of income, of which, 63%, it gets a gross monthly income below 1,100 euros. This means that more than 16.7 million people receive less than 13,400 gross per year when the national averages close to 18,087 euros.

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Investment in Public Works Ministry of Development.

The Minister Jose Blanco, provides an extraordinary investment in infrastructure between the Ministry of Development and the sought-private partnership that will surpass 15,000 million euros according to government estimates.


D. Jose Blanco flag initiative with their ideas.

The recipients, large construction companies in the country with the financial capacity to support investment, are in readiness to undertake the commencement of works to the benefit of granting the same.

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The construction continues to fall during 2009.

It seems impossible that the lifted Construction sector head, indeed, during this current year is expected to fall between 8% and 11% due to the crisis, according to the expectations of the Construction Education Foundation.

contruccion viviendas

The sector will continue to fall irretrievably.

The construction of new housing will be the main burden of the property, with an estimated drop of between 20 to 25%. Logic on the other hand due to oversupply and weak demand for the familiar problems to access it.

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Government aid to unemployed cost 100 million euros.

Celestino Corbacho, Labor Minister, acknowledged yesterday the news of the holder, and is that 100 million will be the monthly cost of the expansion in aid of 420 euros for the unemployed who have exhausted the supply, so that the budget support has fallen short.


Corbacho Calastino recognizes the amendments to the measure.

Moreover, this measure may have generated some frustration at first when to the knowledge that people who have done the help of unemployment in August may not enjoy it. Therefore, the deception would have been overwhelming both for workers and unions, who have been surprised by the consequences of the measure.

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The U.S. housing sector out of the crisis.

The Housing, the American sector par excellence, is overcoming the crisis. According to Reuters, in July reached the highest level of the last 8 months.

vivienda americana

Housing is a necessity now demanded.

There is greater confidence among builders and customers, and as credit conditions have eased somewhat and the surplus of unsold homes has fallen, it has become to create the need to build homes for sale.

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The purchase of used housing falls by 60% in the province of Cadiz.

The housing market Andalusian, who is leading real estate sales in the country, contrasted with the data in the province of Cadiz, where there have been 1823 fewer sales transactions in June 2009 compared to last year.


Sales fall in Cadiz.

Data like this show that the sale of housing in the province of Cadiz have plummeted, but in the second hand market sector disaster has been more pronounced, as it has been a decline of more than 60%. And is that according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in the first half of the year in Andalusia have been sold and used 5285 new homes along the Cadiz province, representing a decline of almost 50%.

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