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The anti-deficit fiscal measures the EC will bring fines of 0.2% of GDP to countries.

The fine if Spain does not cut the deficit of 2,000 million euros. Yesterday the European Commission has proposed a legislative package for extending the duration of fiscal policies, macroeconomic and structural reforms in member states.

The EC imposed fines on member countries.

Brussels will impose fines of 0.2% of GDP to the State that exceeds the limits of the deficit and debt, and 0.1% who ignore the recommendations made by the European Commission towards correcting their financial deficits. Continue reading 'The measures the EC's anti-deficit fiscal entail fines of 0.2% of GDP in the countries. "

The departure tax of Investment Companies

It's time to escape from the wealthy, to withdraw money from investment companies (Investment Company with Variable Capital) without going through the tax expense.

The SICAV will enjoy a range of time to escape their tax disadvantage.

To do this they have three months, as this new tax measure will come into force from 1 January 2011, so investors can recover their capital of SICAVS. Continue reading 'The departure tax of Investment Companies'

Light Shopping, the largest business park in Andalusia, opens its doors on October 27.

The Light Shopping Mall opens on October 27 to 21 stores and concretized with a building area of 80,000 m2, 66% of its total capacity and remaining to build 40,000 m2.

Shopping Light Logo (Photo: )

Shopping Light is the first retail park outside the Swedish company and the largest shopping destination in Andalusia, as it has 6,000 parking spaces and will serve 1 million people in an area of influence of 1 hour around Jerez. Continue reading 'Light Shopping, the largest business park in Andalusia, opens its doors on October 27. "

The buildings of the Spanish State can be a business opportunity.

The assets of the Government could be a business opportunity for some developers.

Retrospecticva image of several buildings in Madrid

This idea stems from the recent publication which set out the assets held by the Government of Spain unused or underused. And is that old buildings in Madrid, Barcelona and thousands of areas in Spain could be reused or sold, and thus to generate a profit to government assets. Continue reading 'The buildings of the Spanish State can be a business opportunity. '

New business: reinvent tourism and second homes move.

The words published yesterday by Ana Patricia Botin, Santander's Chairman, made me think. I find them quite interesting, she is committed to "reinvent the business tourism and second home to create jobs in the short term." The development of alternative sectors is more long-term performance further.

Ana P. Booty has launched a series of reflections on his talk in Almeria.

Not a bad idea conceptually, tourism, although increasingly decadent is one of the greatest assets of our country where the sun and sand provide an added attraction, but not all pull it Levan natural resources and high security political stability that has over other countries that are growing at quite high and above at a much more competitive than us, at prices less than 30% such as Turkey or Morocco. The costs are cheaper, then that difference makes them more competitive globally. Continue reading "New business: reinvent tourism and second homes move."

Continue down the price of U.S. housing

Falling housing prices in the U.S. and the current market value gets the lowest price of housing in the past six years.

Second-hand housing stabilizes the American market.

Data from the State Housing Agency (FHFA) ensure lower prices 0.5% lower than the sector suffered in June when the lows were at 1.2%. Continue reading 'Keep going down the price of housing in U.S. '

The architecture on the trees reinvents the camping.

Although the African jungle seems reminiscent of Tarzan, we're in the city of Girona and is the ultimate in rural tourism, we speak of the cabins on trees, a point that urbanites get closer to nature with all modern conveniences of a home.

Trees are a special shelter and space alicinante views.

The originality and imagination with which they were conceived these rural households have made them a commercial success in short terms rentals. Tourism is different and adapted to current times. Continue reading 'The architecture of the trees reinvents the camping. "

The WTO grew by 13.5% and stabilizes the idea of recovery.

The World Trade Organization is working again, growing this year 2010 to 13.5% instead of 10% forecast announced and after the reduction last year of the indicators of consumption of 12%.

The WTO gives positive data from market improvement. (Photo:

This estimate reflects a higher than expected recovery in the global financial crisis, as published by the WTO on its website. Continue reading 'The WTO grew by 13.5% and stabilizes the idea of recovery. "

Investment in pension funds give high returns.

Pension funds have become the preferred product for the Spanish investment due to the high returns that the Government has been forced to give in order to increase the amounts of liquidity to be slowing down the public debt.

Pension funds are now a star product.

Therefore, in the second half of the year 2,010 in the crisis known investment in fixed income, investment plans in mutual funds have increased by up to 5 percentage points, reaching 53%. Continue reading 'investment in pension funds gives high profitability. "

Ryanair is cleared to market a new product that increases its capacity.

Ryanair looks to increase the capacity of its aircraft in order to lower the costs of their flights, it examines the use of "Skyriders" for flights less than two hours and designed for younger travelers who care little how to reach and what given value is to come.

Ryanair is studying the use of "Skyriders."

Ryanair's strategy moves forward, have raised the costs get to fly for the client to be free in 10 years, in the words of its chairman, and 3 years of its mandate what you're getting is that cost of 1 5 euros in atypical cases, but infinitely more expensive than conventional notes. Continue reading "Ryanair is cleared to market a new product that increases its capacity."