Files of November, 2012

China buys Spanish housings

The encompassed world is what it gives, the opportunity of sale of real estate to cardinal Chinese why there is fashionable to invest in our country due to such low costs of the housings, to the climatological conditions and to the juridical and social stability, in addition to an excellent sanitary attention.

The Chinese invest in Spain

More than 1,3 millions of posiles investors there is the Chinese market that represents an incomparable opportunity to exploit, to be useful. The proprietors of the real estate portal have detected it like market and they are exploiting it. To keep on reading ‘China buys Spanish housings’Seguir leyendo ‘China compra viviendas españolas’

There inaugurates a new building MERKUM designed by the Engineering OSBORNE, CONSULTING TECHNICAL STAFF, SLP

On Thursday, the 22nd of November they were inaugurated in The Port of Santa Maria (Cadiz) – Spain, the new facilities of the company MERKUM, dedicated to the innovation in the technology of the wind mills.

The President of the Group D. Alvaro Osborne (way) along with the owners of the Project.

This opening realized by the Mayor of the Port of Santa Maria, D. Enrique Moresco and part of its team of Government, in addition to members of the Company GESTECO, presented on behalf of the Architect D. Álvaro Osborne Gutiérrez and of the President of the corporative group, D. Álvaro Osborne Tosar, has to create several hundreds of positions of direct and indirect works. This initiative carried out by a group of emrpesas Galician, there was designed and realized the execution project by the signature OSBORNE, CONSULTING TECHNICAL STAFF, ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURE, TOWN PLANNING, S.L.P. under the achievement and supervision of the Engineer Industial D. Joquin Osborne Gutiérrez. To keep on reading ‘there inaugurates a new building MERKUM designed by the Engineering OSBORNE, CONSULTING TECHNICAL STAFF, SLP Joquin Osborne Gutiérrez. Seguir leyendo ‘Se inaugura un nuevo edificio MERKUM diseñado por la Ingeniería OSBORNE, TÉCNICOS CONSULTORES, SLP’

The sector construction in Europe: September, 2012

The activity of the sector construction registered a light descent in September with regard to August of this year. In general terms the fall was 2,6 % according to information published by Eurostat.

In Europe, Germany and Sweden they continue at the head of the construction. (Photo:

In case of Spain, the sector construction lowered 0,2 % in September with regard to August, when it had increased a 1,6 %. To keep on reading ‘The sector construction in Europe: September, 2012 ′ Septiembre 2012′

The deshaucios are regulated in Spain.

The Government has set the batteries as for the deshacios to realize the Spanish. Unjust conditions, which finish many of them in very dramatic situations have done reflecxonar the two it forces more important than our country to channel solutions.

The deshaucios are a big problem of lso Spanish without resources. (Photo:

Many requirements have been included so that finally the families could take refuge in this law, of which there are 4 fundamental requisites to be fulfilled in the economic ambience:

1. - Revenues not superior to 3,5 times the IPREM, that is to say, who or gain more than 532 euros a month in 2012. Therefore families that do not overcome 1.597 monthly income euros.

2. - The mortgage load has increased at least 1,5 times in the last 4 years.

3. - The quota overcomes 50 % of the clear income.

4. - Credit guaranteed on to the only housing in property.

5. - To Be in a vulnerable social situation especially. For it several personal circumstances have materialized.

It keeps on being restrictive and complicated, and topcoat this law is directed to those needier and that depend on its income to be able to live out of the threshold of poverty that every time is wider in Spain.