Files of February, 2013


The group enterprise, the real estate agency OSBORNE and GUTIÉRREZ, SL is a specialist in the investments for that the owners or agents of investment funds look.

The luxurious towns are a product much demanded in Marbella.

With an elegant work, very discreet, from the company one works in covering the needs for the profile of housings. The service to the client and the exact search of its product that is according to its needs is a maxim in the company. To keep on reading ‘OSBORNE and GUTIÉRREZ COMMERCIALIZES LUXURIOUS TOWNS IN MARBELLA.’

Spain is a big country to invest in real estate.

In Spain CE is where more prices have fallen down you dela. Lamedia of descent of prices in the Euroarea was located in-2,5 % and in Spain the prices fell down-15,2 % between July and September of 2.012 with regard to the same period of last year. According to information of Eurostat, the Office of Community Statistics.

Spain, a country of opportunities

Comparing trimesters, third and second of last year, in Spain the fall was 3,7 % almost just as Holland.

These indexes refer to all that acquired residential real estate, of new construction and second-hand.

This presents clear good news for Spain, since the investors of the world must notice in Spain to invest, since the trip of the same one will be much major at the time of promoting its money.

From the group enterprise OSBORNE GUTIERREZ, SL is advised by us him in all the decisive ambiences at the time of the buy or rent of real estate. We look to him for its real estate and advise them and serve as intermediaries for its buys. Be provided with us.

Many funds like Norwegian or Russian are betting for our country like alternative of sure investment due to the safety that it presents.

The group enterprise SETEINSA specializing in high technology DOMOTICA.

The company SETEINSA, specialized in the design and facilities Domóticas, puts to the service of the real estate market its experience and high quality in the facilities domóticas that assure the energy efficiency of the buildings where he settles, reducing of drastic form more than 30 % of its consumption.

The installation domótica is a form of cost saving of the buildings.

The possibilities and variety of ways of saving consumption in its buildings is spectacular. It is studied, analyzes its consumptions and is operated to do that its building is more efficient and therefore it gives the same service to a less cost, in addition to giving a few clear engagement credentials with the Nature and the Biosphere. To keep on reading ‘The group enterprise SETEINSA specializing in high technology DOMOTICA.’