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The GESTECO and OSBORNE, technical consultants, ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING ENGINEERING SLP companies are collaborating on studies investments International Investment Funds that are seeking products for Promoting New Investments Real Estate in Spain.

That is why in specific sites of the Peninsula such as Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella, equity investors is managed or interested in buying and selling of real estate product, with the added value of providing the service "turnkey", by which we will accompany customer since the acquisition of the property or investment study, to the Study and Development of Architectural Design and Engineering, construction and construction management.

To do this, we have specialized team of architects, as well as Osborne D. Alvaro Gutierrez, specialized in studies of equity investments and developments Construction or Industrial Engineering with Joaquín Gutiérrez Osborne ahead.

Since the company GESTECO, SL buildings of all types are studied, with a team of specialized work of officers in charge of works and laborers, led by Director of Works graduates. All carefully prepared to avoid diversions of works and ensure investment returns are maximized for customers with D. Francisco Sanz and D. Alvaro Address Osborne Gutierrez in the technical and commercial coordination.

As a result, investments have studied more travel and safety is expected of them.

Companies play the work in the aforementioned areas, and with optimum results. I leave some links for you to observe the products worked.

The study of TC Osborne Engineering and Construction end GESTECO an important ship in San Roque

The benchmark company for its architectural and engineering projects in Andalusia, OSBORNE, technical consultants, architecture, engineering and urban planning, SLP. and GESTECO, Constructora SL have finished making a reference work in the municipality of San Roque, south of the province of Cadiz.

The Work of San Roque is a reference in the Bay of Algeciras. (Photo: A. Osborne)

The reference work is for "South Reinoxmetal, SL" dedicated to the treatment and recycling of metal waste and stainless steels. This bet constructed facilities reinforces the presence of this company from the north of Spain in the province of Cadiz.

Both the company of Engineering and Architecture, OSBORNE technical consultants, SLP. ( as GESTECO, SL ( Constructora continue with its policy of expansion and development of jobs in the province of Cadiz and in particular the Bay of Algeciras. The new industrial area of the Bay of Algeciras ZAL is presented as a new opportunity for expansion offered by the Government of Andalusia to develop new business opportunities and create work. Continue reading 'The study of TC Osborne Engineering and Construction end an important GESTECO ship in San Roque '

Opportunity Panama: a great country to build and invest.

Panama is taking a quantum leap in the world panoarama graciasl its huge expected growth of around 10%. This growth is thanks to the famous Panama Canal it the second logistics maritime space in the world.

The large investment in Panama, Panama Pacific.

In Panama you work in dollars, creating economic stability and confidence unmatched to other South American countries, and also with a population of over 3 million inhabitants, Panama has a great future that is open to the future. Canal capacity, now limited to an average of 30 ships per day will increase, which will provide a much more dramatic than it is today getting revenue.

That is why, they are creating new logistical areas and new developments for new developments Canal heat. This case is "Panama Pacific" This luxury development is can to develop housing and industrial, commercial and office buildings.

This investment opportunity is developed in the following promotional video; the company develops green areas and large commercial spaces are being built. This offer is completed with golf courses, large sports areas and school zones and training and their own residents.

Jerez Circuit in World Logistics Cities

The city of Jerez de la forntera (Cádiz) in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in Spain, has been made by Mr Antonio Saldaña (First Deputy Mayor and Municipal Spokesman) in the I Forum of Logistics Platforms which was held in Laredo.

Jerez is a key logistics point between Seville and Cadiz.

The future of the city is linked to the logistics sector, with agreements with Laredo and adhering to the World Cities Organization Logistics. Read 'Jerez in the World Tour Logistics Cities'

MOVEX building a worldwide relalidad Skin.

The Leather Technology Centre, MOVEX, Built in Ubrique becomes clear example of a consistent architectural building with the times.

The work of Álvaro Osborne Gutierrez is an example of adaptability to the environment.

The building designed to provide a sense of the innovation sector, contributing to support manufacturers to introduce new technologies, new treatments and high quality design and ideas, becomes from next Friday a world leader with the opening of Master of Loewe. Continue reading 'MOVEX building a worldwide relalidad Skin.'

Merkum Energy inaugurated a new factory in the industrial area Las Salinas

Around 40 people are already working on this specialist firm in systems and computers, which provides new hires in the near future.

The Port continues to strengthen its business structure. Merkum Energy Society released on Thursday November 22 its new premises, located in the industrial area Las Salinas. In the coming-out were the mayor of El Puerto, Enrique Moresco, who accompanied him several members of the local corporation. Also participated Merkum president Ramon Hermo and CEO John Figueiredo.

Continue reading 'Energy Merkum opens a new factory in the industrial area Las Salinas'

MERKUM a new building designed by Osborne Engineering, technical consultants, SLP opens

On Thursday November 22 were opened in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) - Spain, new installations of MER KUM, dedicated to innovation in the technology of windmills.

President Alvaro Osborne Group D (average) by project owners.

This opening by the Mayor of Puerto de Santa Maria, Enrique Moresco and part of his government team, in addition to members of the Company GESTECO, become represented on behalf of the architect Álvaro Osborne Gutierrez and President Enterprises Group, D. Alvaro Osborne Tosar has created several hundred direct and indirect jobs. This initiative undertaken by a group of Galician companies said, was designed and carried out the execution project by the firm OSBORNE, technical consultants, engineering, architecture, urban planning, realization and SLP under the supervision of D. Joquin Industial Engineer Osborne Gutierrez. Continue reading 'MERKUM a new building designed by Osborne Engineering, technical consultants, SLP is inaugurated'

The Work of the "Cortijo Shower" and its broad impact on the technical means.

The leisure complex, sport and Hotel "Cortijo Shower" was and is a leader in the construction of new hotele s in Jerez.

The Hotel Cortijo Shower is a clear example of comfort and design, coupled with efficient construction.

The complex consists comprehensive reform of an estate of 10 ha. 6.5 km from Jerez towards Seville, represents the epitome of traditional architecture that defines the equestrian livestock and agricultural wine-frame of Jerez. It coexists traditional Andalusian building with maximum comfort that brings new technologies in automation, internet, audiovisual and energy saving. Continue reading 'The Work of "Cortijo Shower" and its broad impact on the technical means.'

The Panama Canal is suffering serious delays for completion.

The Spanish construction company Sacyr consortium is claiming the winner of the Panama Canal works around $ 537 million backlog justifying the Work Plan.

SACYR alleged insurmountable delays in the delivery of the work. (Photos: )

The Panama Canal Authority is considering such a claim, and if not accepted, the case could wing Independent Dispute Resolution board, or even to an international arbitral tribunal.

The partners in the joint venture with SACYR are the Italian "Impregilo" Belgian "Jan de Nul" and the Panamanian "Cusa". They embarked on this project for some time, which augured some problems of this court.

The problems are being weather and especially in the management of administrative licenses and municipal permits.

Current delays reflect a deviation close to year apart to the inicial scheduled completion date, expected in October 2014, and is currently 30% of projects and 40% of project implementation made.

The business of building shopping centers on the rise in emerging countries.

China remains a reference for the real estate sector. The growth of the country, an amazing exponent, so it goes so that they are creating an incredible amount of buildings.

The construction of shopping centers; a new pole of attraction to the sector. (Photo: )

Looking at a sector on the rise in emerging countries it is being built 30 million square meters of commercial, equivalent to an area equal to Germany, the United Kingdom and France together. Clearly the case of construction of shopping centers are being built in China nearly 15 million square meters of retail space. Continue reading 'The business of building shopping centers on the rise in developing countries.'