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Opportunities in Panama: a great country to build and invest.

Panama is taking a quantum leap in global panoarama graciasl its huge growth expected, close to 10%. This growth is thanks to the famous Panama Canal which makes the second world logistics maritime space.

The large investment in Panama, Panama Pacific.

In Panama you work in dollars, creating economic stability and confidence unmatched to other South American countries, and also with a population of 3 million people, Panama has a spectacular future is opened to its future. The capacity of the Canal, now limited to an average of 30 ships a day will increase, which will provide much more spectacular revenue than is being achieved today.

This is why they are creating new spaces and new developments logistics for new developments Canal heat. This case is "Panama Pacific", This luxury development, is can to develop housing and industrial buildings, commercial and office.

This investment opportunity is developed in the following promotional video; the company develops green areas and large commercial spaces being built. This offer is complete with golf courses, extensive sports and educational and training themselves and their residents.

The business of building shopping centers in emerging upward.

China remains a reference for the real estate sector. The growth of the country, a great exponent, so it goes in a way that is creating a lot of amazing buildings.

Construction of Shopping Centers, a new attraction to the sector. (Photo: )

Looking at a sector rising in emerging countries are being built 30 million square feet of commercial, equivalent to an area equal to Germany, UK and France combined. Clearly the case of the construction of shopping centers are being built in China nearly 15 million square meters of retail space. Continue reading 'The business of construction of shopping centers in emerging upward.'

Act legalization of buildings in Undeveloped land in Andalusia.

He recently published a decree out by the Ministry of Works and Housing, which is to classify all types of housing in rural Andalusia.

Osborne Building Facade, Technical Consultants, SLP

OSBORNE Society, Technical Consultants, Architecture, Engineering and Planning, SLP located in Jerez de la Frontera, telephone +00 (34) 956 305 716 specializes in urban case processing, and developing of undeveloped land, such as aporbación Urban Action Project or certification of this new law. Continue reading 'Act legalization of buildings in Undeveloped land in Andalusia.'

CANF Building Inauguration for people with disabilities.

Today opens the building for people with physical and organic Andalusian Confederation of people with these disabilities in Seville, designed by the architectural and engineering firm OSBORNE-TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS, SLP, under the design of architect D. Osborne Alvaro Gutierrez.

Photograph of the building from the SE-30 in Seville.

Accompanied Politicians and Directors, the Confederation with its president Mrs. Maria de los Angeles Cózar front, consolidates the firm commitment of the organization to create a functional space that serves as a model collective institutional and functional for people with mobility problems the Community and support and respite to their families. Continue reading 'Building Inauguration CANF for people with disabilities.'

Turnkey Works guaranteed: Osborne, Technical Consultants and GESTECO.

OSBORNE Companies, Technical Consultants, Architecture, Engineering and Planning SLP, and GESTECO construction company, brings its strategic knowledge and create cost savings for industrial buildings and representative buildings to cost more profitable for customers and ensuring reliability and guarantees optimum durability.

TC and GESTECO Osborne are two national benchmarks in construction.

Companies, more than 30 years of experience the first and the second over 16, have a tour of repute in the construction industry and real estate. Continue reading 'Turnkey Works guaranteed: Osborne, Technical Consultants and GESTECO. '

New Law for property valuations in Spain.

In the RD 1492/2011 of October 24 approving the Regulations Ratings land law.

LAs reviews cambán its regulations, to follow a more objective standard. (Photo: )

In this Regulation, it follows the specifications already approved in RD 2/2008 of June 20, regarding real estate valuations. Are collected valuation methods and techniques to apply, without prejudice to other special laws primarily financial or tax.

For reviews on Floor rur Continue reading 'New Law for property valuations Spain.'

Osborne, Technical Consultants, SLP credited vuelver to quality and the environment.

The company OSBORNE TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS, ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING AND SURBANISMO, SLP renews its quality seals accreditations as to the OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001:2004.

Osborne, Technical Consultants, SLP renews its quality certifications.

In all certifications, the scope is done on "Projects, Addresses Technical Assistance Works and projects of industrial and architectural buildings." This, once again, the consulting firm that dedicates its activity to prepare draft of Engineering, Architecture and Urban returns to certify their services under a high degree of compliance with quality and environmental commitment. Continue reading 'Osborne, Technical Consultants, SLP credited vuelver to quality and the environment.'

Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in urban areas.

They have adopted a new form of use of funds of the European Union to encourage investment and sustainable urban ne. Therefore, the Osborne Group company, manages the various Technical Consultants helps clients to project implementation.

Urban Aids are a possible way forward for the project. (Photo: )

The vehicle is the JESSICA (Joint European Support for Susteinable Investment in City Areas), developed by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB), in collaboration with the Development Bank of the Council of Europe (CEB) that allows member states to use part of the Structural Funds to make repayable investments in projects forming part of the Integrated Development Plan Sustainable Urban. Continue reading 'Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in urban areas.'

Logistics Platforms: New Trends.

World trade depends organized logistics structure, in which facilitate the management of goods, so that large transport companies focus their efforts on building new facilities in order to expand the global transportation network.

New Logistics Centre Areopuerto and South-Ciudad Real Madrid

It seeks to effectively manage the goods, creating logistical enclaves with all kinds of machinery and services, so that approximate as closely as possible to the customer, as it has BYCO construction company, which was presented at the fair LOGITRANS IFEMA. They plan to give this year over 150,000 m² built on various platforms Nacex implemented in Spain and has built its platform 27 in Girona, and strengthens its position in quality and service in the industry.

Continue reading 'Logistics Platforms: New Trends.'