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The study of TC Osborne Engineering and Construction end GESTECO an important ship in San Roque

The benchmark company for its architectural and engineering projects in Andalusia, OSBORNE, technical consultants, architecture, engineering and urban planning, SLP. and GESTECO, Constructora SL have finished making a reference work in the municipality of San Roque, south of the province of Cadiz.

The Work of San Roque is a reference in the Bay of Algeciras. (Photo: A. Osborne)

The reference work is for "South Reinoxmetal, SL" dedicated to the treatment and recycling of metal waste and stainless steels. This bet constructed facilities reinforces the presence of this company from the north of Spain in the province of Cadiz.

Both the company of Engineering and Architecture, OSBORNE technical consultants, SLP. ( as GESTECO, SL ( Constructora continue with its policy of expansion and development of jobs in the province of Cadiz and in particular the Bay of Algeciras. The new industrial area of the Bay of Algeciras ZAL is presented as a new opportunity for expansion offered by the Government of Andalusia to develop new business opportunities and create work. Continue reading 'The study of TC Osborne Engineering and Construction end an important GESTECO ship in San Roque '

The GESTECO and OSBORNE, TC, SLP develop luxury housing construction

The two group companies have collaborated to build a luxury home in the urbanization "Roche" in Conil near the Bay of Algeciras Sotogrande in southern Andalusia.

The house shows a space closed to the public facade. (Photo: OG, SL)

In it, we have developed design details and finishes of contemporary lines designed by the architect Álvaro Osborne Gutierrez, who simplifying spaces and using an architecture where volume is the protagonist, has created a spectacular work.

In the two-story house, the predominant design and functionality of spaces, dumped in the back room where the pool is. The interior spaces of the hall include the room, with a spectacular fireplace and a facing south and protected by flights to create a bright and light living space.

The fireplace creates a very unique living space (Photo: OG, SL)

The volume and living space much development a transcendental work in the home, where comfort of it is a fundamental premise, which, together with vangurdista decoration make the house a special building that makes you want to live.

MOVEX: The design and characteristics of the most representative of the Sierra de Cádiz building.

The Technology Centre, a reference in Andalusia. (Architect: Alvaro Osborne Gutierrez)

A. Project and direction of works and installations.

OSBORNE, technical consultants, ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE uranism, SLP

Architect. Alvaro Gutiérrez D. Osborne.

Engineer Ind. D. Osborne Joaquin Gutierrez.


Rigger. Jonathan D. Martin


Rigger. Pedro Lopez Continue reading 'MOVEX: The design and features the most representative of the Sierra de Cádiz building.'

The company's SETEINSA Group specializing in high-tech DOMOTICA.

SETEINSA company specializing in the design and automation facilities, seeks to serve the real estate market and high quality experience in home automation systems that ensure energy efficiency of buildings where installed, dramatically reducing more than 30% of its consumption.

Home automation installation is a form of cost savings in buildings.

The possibilities and variety of ways to save consumption in buildings is spectacular. We study, analyze their consumption and acted to make your building more efficient and therefore provides the same service at a lower cost, as well as providing clear credentials commitment to nature and the Biosphere. Continue reading 'The company the SETEINSA Group specializing in high-tech DOMOTICA. '

MOVEX: The singular architecture space.

The construction works of the Leather Technology Centre (MOVEX) in Ubrique will excellent pace and a masterful use of finishes using modern reference materials in the world. Ventilated façade finished with metal panels trademark of Alucobond, vented coating black quartzite natural stone, stucco and even color under continuous coating chamber ventilated STO, make a spectacular building dedicated to innoveción Skin and its derivatives .

The edifici, still under construction, shows a spectacular quality of design and shapes.

The unique building architect, Álvaro Osborne Gutierrez signature OSBORNE technical consultants, architecture, engineering and urban planning SLP ( ) with the Directorate of Enforcement Jonathan D. Martin and Ciucu construction, They are doing a great job. Continue reading 'MOVEX. The singular architecture space'

The Work of the "Cortijo Shower" and its broad impact on the technical means.

The leisure complex, sport and Hotel "Cortijo Shower" was and is a leader in the construction of new hotele s in Jerez.

The Hotel Cortijo Shower is a clear example of comfort and design, coupled with efficient construction.

The complex consists comprehensive reform of an estate of 10 ha. 6.5 km from Jerez towards Seville, represents the epitome of traditional architecture that defines the equestrian livestock and agricultural wine-frame of Jerez. It coexists traditional Andalusian building with maximum comfort that brings new technologies in automation, internet, audiovisual and energy saving. Continue reading 'The Work of "Cortijo Shower" and its broad impact on the technical means.'

The Panama Canal is suffering serious delays for completion.

The Spanish construction company Sacyr consortium is claiming the winner of the Panama Canal works around $ 537 million backlog justifying the Work Plan.

SACYR alleged insurmountable delays in the delivery of the work. (Photos: )

The Panama Canal Authority is considering such a claim, and if not accepted, the case could wing Independent Dispute Resolution board, or even to an international arbitral tribunal.

The partners in the joint venture with SACYR are the Italian "Impregilo" Belgian "Jan de Nul" and the Panamanian "Cusa". They embarked on this project for some time, which augured some problems of this court.

The problems are being weather and especially in the management of administrative licenses and municipal permits.

Current delays reflect a deviation close to year apart to the inicial scheduled completion date, expected in October 2014, and is currently 30% of projects and 40% of project implementation made.

CANF Multipurpose Building for physical dependents (Sevilla).

The multipurpose building of the CANF COCEMFE Andalucía in Seville, has been a bet on the movement of its President Maria Angeles Cózar, to innovate the world of mobility dependent people to make their lives a reality of employment, and femiliar Ultimately, within a pluralistic social fabric staff.

The President, together with the Minister and the architect Micaela Navarro.

From its beginnings as an idea and conception of the project by society OSBORNE, technical consultants, SL and designed and directed by the architect's work in Building and Urban Development Mr Osborne Alvaro Gutierrez, who with dinicial idea of Mrs. Cózar, developed one chord to the idea of creating a space design in which the people of the residence severely affected (RGA) had a habitable living space and if Rectangu lar Boss. According says the architect,. "The experience of life of the people I met in the RGA of" Huerta del Rasillo "in Granada, showed me how people are happy and need space to develop this happiness" Read 'Multipurpose Building CANF to Physical dependents (Sevilla). '

Mexico is an opportunity for Spanish technicians and Renewable Water Treatment.

In Mexico labor demand for engineers and architects it is being more selective and increasingly positions and specialties that are really differentials in the country demanded.

Spanish technicians have much to offer in Mexico. ( )

Therefore, the market Engineering TécnicaMejicanaestá very "mature" in the areas of transport and waterworks, is mantuvieron6.000 km of highways in six years. Continue reading 'Mexico is an opportunity for Spanish technicians and Renewable Water Treatment . '

Sustainable facades: the condicinante savings in building design.

The energy demand of buildings is a high percentage of their demand for heating and cooling. To lower the energy demand use buildings must have a conception of design that starts from a correct shape and orientation.

The facades take a relevant importance in energy consumption (Photo: )

After this first fundamental step was to work on the skin of the building to make it as efficiently as possible, and get closer to the concept of Directive 2010/31 / EU on the energy efficiency of buildings, achieving the concept of "building energy consumption close to zero". That's where most of the buildings losses occur. Continue reading 'sustainable facades. condicinante savings in the building design'