Investment in pension funds give high returns.

Pension funds have become the preferred product for the Spanish investment due to the high return that the Government has been forced to give in order to increase the amounts of liquidity to be slowing the country's public debt.

Pension funds are now a star product.

Therefore, in the second half of 2010 in the crisis known investment in fixed income, investment plans in mutual funds have increased by up to 5 percentage points, reaching 53%.

On the contrary, foreign portfolio has fallen 7% from March to June this year, ranking in the 6590 million euros.

Pension funds are liquid funds, and you can place a considerable portion of the debt portfolio. Pension funds with more public investment is BBVA Spanish 23, the largest private system plan, that of a total of 1,536 million euros placed 75% of its value in fixed income.

The investment strategy of the funds is to invest in Spanish public debt, both letters and debentures and bonds with different maturities. Looking abroad, the fund sold the Netherlands and German debt, valued at 2.262 million euros.

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