The architecture on the trees reinvents the camping.

Although the African jungle seems reminiscent of Tarzan, we're in the city of Girona and is the ultimate in rural tourism, we speak of the cabins on trees, a point that urbanites are closer to nature with all modern conveniences of a home.

Trees are a special shelter and space alicinante views.

The originality and imagination with which they were conceived these rural homes have made them a commercial success in short-season rentals. Tourism is different and adapted to current times.

The "Cabanes als arbres" are comfortable homes in the canopy jungle emulating architectures. Living example of this is spin of Sacalm Sant in Forest County.

The project led by two entrepreneurs is an evolution of the idea of camping, and has cabins for 2 or 4 people, which can be rented, which have a main hall where we will find a dining table and you're done. All life circles around this space.

There are separate pavilions which are sinks and showers, a toilet that can recycle waste and turn them into fertilizer for the forest regeneration of the area.

Innovation is the best weapons in the tourism sector to reinvent a market niche that will attract a new audience and even create your own target segment. So if that is achieved by reinventing a market.

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