The WTO grew by 13.5% and stabilizes the idea of recovery.

The World Trade Organization is working again, growing this year 2010 to 13.5% instead of expected 10% and after the reduction announced last year the indicators of consumption of 12%.

The WTO gives positive evidence of improvement in the market. (Photo:

This estimate reflects a greater than expected recovery in the global financial crisis, according to WTO publishes on its website.

Merchandise exports of the industrialized countries will increase by 11.5% in volume, and also developing countries and former Soviet republics will reach 16.5%. This data export of goods was very bad last year a 12.20% decline, according to his fall was the worst since the Second World War.

In the second quarter 2010 growth is expected to moderate somewhat, not being so marked as in the first year. This creates a tendency of uncertainty. How do full-scale consumption is moderating it?. .. Well, no doubt, despite alos expected growth in industrialized and developing countries and transition, the overall trend is slowly recovering but effective, recovering lost old situations, especially during the past year.

Group today announces the National Bureau of Economic Research that the American economic recession has ended in June 2009, the crisis lasted a total of 18 months, the longest since World War II.

The Group ensures that any further fall means a new recession and not a recurrence of the same has just happened. I understand that is the same, although technically the recording of negative quarters so secure.

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