Continue to fall mortgages in Spain

Contrary to public perceptions, and the banks themselves advertise, bank loan mortgage or consumer goods fell in February this year.

Money and mortgage companies is necessary for the growth of the country. (Photo: )

These falls, led by real estate mortgages, are down 1.275 million from the previous month of this 2,015, as new loans are not enough to dampen amortization.

Mortgages in annual terms have fallen 3.7% according to the Bank of Spain, published today in its report.

In addition to data locking tap the brick, consumer credit have also declined but less quantity. The decline was 0.08% compared to January of this year. This monthly decline amounted to 1.556 million euros.

In short, it is slowing increases in the time of the IBEX-35, which makes between seeing the conservative policy of banks for possible changes.


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