SIMA 2015: real estate meeting point and new perspectives.

SIMA 2015 is proving to be a turning point in the crisis in the property sector running out. SIMA homes are sold at a good pace and with a hopeful horizon financing.

The real estate sector is growing in sales

Sales are moderating, are being balanced in an exceptional situation for the sector, after several Spanish newspapers of national circulation report that the housing crisis is over and that the sector is a good investment opportunity in Spain.

He has also appeared the familiar SOCIMI's as attracting foreign capital which are nothing more than a vehicle for channeling foreign investment, that is a way to finance purchase operations and investments to be made ​​profitable over time.

The indicators are handling recovery not reach the pre-crisis patterns, but that's also not the goal. It is normal to a more stable behavior, avoiding another housing bubble inflated.

Caution and optimism permeates the general pattern, though with clear signs of recovery for the sector's future.


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